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1 Room, 2 Adults
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1 Room, 2 Adults

Accessibility For People With Disabilities

  • We offer 6 specially designed rooms to accommodate people with disabilities.
  • Conveniently located just 15 meters from the elevators, we provide dedicated parking spaces for disabled guests.
  • Our dining room is easily accessible via an elevator, ensuring everyone can enjoy their meals comfortably.
  • The pool complex is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring an elevator and a pathway for easy access.
  • For individuals with mobility needs, the pool is equipped with a handrail, stairs, a ladder, and a lift chair.
  • The spa complex is fully accessible, and guests can reach it effortlessly using the elevator.
  • In the main reception area, we have an accessible reception desk to cater to the needs of all our guests.
  • Central locations such as the 1st floor and the hotel pool offer accessible services.
  • For guests requiring audio assistance, audio sets are available at the hotel and spa counters.

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